Respectful - The information presented is in a way which is courteous and avoids ad hominem attacks.

Useful - The information presented is relevant and important.

Abusive - The information is presented in a rude or intolerant way.

Irrelevant - The information presented is frivolous, superfluous, and redundant .

Thorough - The information presented is well sourced from multiple perspectives.

Heuristic - The information is presented in a way which allows someone to learn something for themselves.

Incomplete - The information presented is incomplete and improperly researched.

Obstructive - The information presented is a hindrance to Socratic dialogue.

Opaque - The information and motive for presentation is unclear and/or not able to be corroborated.

Transparent - The information presented is clearly and easily corroborated.

How do we determine truth from falsehood?


What methodology do we follow to ascertain such knowledge?


These fundamental questions lie at the center of all debate.

Without a logical, impartial criteria it is impossible to effectively discern TRUTH. 

Veracity aims to provide a frame work for community members to achieve this by incentivizing analytical inquiry and civil discourse. 

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